Quinteros / Blanche

Quinteros / Blanche

«The Missing Fly Of Dreispitz by Pilar Quinteros & Patricio Blanche»
Film excerpts, making-of videos, sculptures, drawings, paintings from the sets

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02–12 April at Salon Mondial, Atelier Mondial
Curated by Benedikt Wyss

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The Missing Fly of Dreispitz is a non-fiction film (Sachfilm) composed of multiple artistic and audiovisual sources. A joint project between a filmmaker and a visual artist from the south of Chile, the creative possibilities are eclectic.

The film is about a fictional character, the Chilean entomologist Carlos Vasquez, who claimed that flies would succeed bees in the task of pollination, predicted the decline of the bee population when the issue was still in its incipient stage. After researching several locations in the late 1980s, Vasquez travelled to Switzerland, specifically to the Dreispitz neighborhood in Basel, where he found significant differences in living conditions compared to those present in any other South American city. By manipulating results and avoiding following protocols in order to obtain quicker results from his experiments, he managed to develop a new species of fly, Muscidae Dreispitzii (Vasquez, 1990). The species turned out to be extremely large and resistant, reaching lengths of up to 80 centimeters – the situation spiralled out of control and caused panic throughout the neighborhoods of the Swiss city. This forced the government to invest significant resources in the creation of a Fly Deatomizer, eliminating all Diptera in the region, and the Bebbi-Sagg system, so humans could take care of the works that flies could no longer do. As a result, the mysterious Chilean entomologist is forced to go into hiding.
Twenty-five years later, young Chilean entomologists decide to steal the only preserved specimen of the Muscidae Dreispitzii in Chile. Its dissection motivates a continuation of the search in Switzerland – for the disappeared Chilean entomologist.

The film jumps between traditional (docu-style) interviews to artistic fictionalisation. It all results in an artistic, pseudo realistic docu film filled with amateur actors, taking the shape of a satirical film, close to genre cinema, fake documentary, and daily cinema.

Photos © Patricio Blanche and Pilar Quinteros

Explorers Film Club residency: January–April 2021

02. April 2021

We invite you to an insight into the ongoing filming of the fictional documentary by Pilar Quinteros and Patricio Blanche – The Missing Fly of Dreispitz, a small exhibition with unpublished footage, making-of videos as well as sculptures …mehr

21. September 2020

Explorers Film Club screening during Kunsttage Basel at Elysia Club: 17–20 Sept. 2020, bonus screening 21 September. Puck Verkade Cursed, 2020 looped video 5’00” mins [DE] In seiner jüngeren Geschichte war der Dreispitz über a …mehr

05. August 2020

Screening: Thursday, 17 September 2020, 8pm Elysia Club, Frankfurt-Strasse 36, CH – 4142 Münchenstein More... …mehr


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