Quinteros / Blanche

Quinteros / Blanche


Pilar Quinteros & Patricio Blanche

August 2020 January/February 2021: Residency
20 Feb: Exhibition
27 Mar: Screening

Patagonian Orchids: Letter to Chile, 2020

Having found herself in Coyhaique in southern Chile at the onset of the pandemic, Chilean artist Pilar Quinteros decided to stay put. This video is the first in a series of five short films she is making there as she reflects on the coexistence of native plants and animals with foreign species introduced for commercial purposes. For Quinteros, this forced coexistence represents a sense of conflict that resonates with tensions currently being felt and expressed in massive protests by people around the world as a result of abusive public policies, during a global pandemic.


The Photo was taken by Patricio Blanche. Courtesy of the artist.

21. September 2020

Explorers Film Club screening during Kunsttage Basel at Elysia Club: 17–20 Sept. 2020, bonus screening 21 September. Puck Verkade Cursed, 2020 looped video 5’00” mins [DE] In seiner jüngeren Geschichte war der Dreispitz über a …mehr

05. August 2020

Screening: Thursday, 17 September 2020, 8pm Elysia Club, Frankfurt-Strasse 36, CH – 4142 Münchenstein More... …mehr

11. July 2020

We are looking forward to Deborah Joyce Holman and Yara Dulac Gisler moving into their studio at Atelier Mondial in August to develop a new work for the Explorers Film Club. + Photo (detail, full): A glare (glimpse), 2020 – Deborah …mehr



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Image: Visualisation Dreispitz Nord, Herzog & de Meuron 2020